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Development and redevelopment of land can result in an increase in the number of vehicles on the road and necessitates the improvement of public roadways and intersections.  Through traffic impact analysis, HCA reviews existing conditions, collects traffic data, and evaluates existing capacity constraints.  HCA then projects future traffic loads, including increases directly attributable to specific development projects, and evaluates future capacity constraints to identify and recommend effective roadway and intersection improvements.

One of HCA's primary areas of technical expertise is traffic signal design and electrical plan development.  Working closely with NJDOT and PennDOT, our experienced staff of engineers and designers has completed more than one hundred signal designs and plans for both public and private clients.  HCA is experienced in every facet of signal design, including warrant analysis; traffic signal layout; electrical design; highway lighting design; signal timing, phasing and coordination; quantities and specifications; and signing/striping plans.

Private and public entities continually improve roadways and intersections to accommodate growth and development.  HCA provides design services related to improving geometry, signing and striping, highway lighting, construction details, and work zone protection and maintenance.  Our state-of-the-art CAD technology allows HCA to submit designs for agency approval and construction.

Horner & Canter Associates has served as the Municipal Traffic Engineer for the Town of Hammonton, Atlantic County, NJ for over twenty years and Township of Plumstead, Bucks County, PA for ten years.  In addition, HCA serves several other municipalities on an as needed basis in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania; including the Borough Woodbury Heights, Gloucester County, the Township of Millstone in Monmouth County, Springfield Township in Montgomery County, and East Rockhill Township in Bucks County.  As the Traffic Engineer in these towns, HCA has conducted numerous reviews of both small and large developments, reviewed the circulation of hundreds of site plans, and offered expert opinion to planning and zoning boards.

Horner & Canter Associates provides our clients with access permitting and highway occupancy permits (HOP) services in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania, respectively.  These services include all aspects of the permitting process, prepartion of access applications, highway access plan preparation, traffic control plans, signage and striping plans, traffic signal/electrical plans, and full coordination services with NJDOT and PennDOT.

Transportation planning encompasses the location and design of facilities for various modes of travel.  HCA has provided transportation planning services to locate new roadways; identify appropriate site accesses; develop parking, pedestrian and circulation plans for rail stations; identify bicycle, bus and truck routes; and evaluate the impact of all operations on area traffic patterns and emergency response time.  HCA also has developed the circulation element of master plans for several municipalities and large commercial, industrial, and institutional complexes.

Critical to the success of any development project is the appropriate supply and design of parking.  HCA has conducted hundreds of parking demand studies for a variety of land uses and recommended the appropriate parking supply to approval agencies.  While adhering to generally accepted traffic engineering standards, HCA designs and reviews parking layouts for optimal efficiency.

Government agencies often acquire portions of existing properties as a prelude to widening or realigning highways.  These acquisitions through the eminent domain process may result in significant damage to commercial sites.  For more than twelve years, HCA has applied to commercial sites the special skills required to reconfigure and optimize the use of the lands remaining, thereby reducing acquisition costs.  HCA has completed more than one hundred major eminent domain projects for state and county agencies, as well as commercial property owners.

High traffic demands on our roadways create emission levels that affect air quality.  Through field measurements and computer simulations, HCA evaluates the impacts on ambient air quality conditions that are attributed to an increase in mobile emission generators.  Mitigation of mobile source air quality impacts generally correlates to the improvement of an intersection or roadway.  Air quality impact evaluations are critical to environmentally sensitive areas such as the New Jersey Pinelands and coastal areas.

Retail and commercial projects can range from small strip stores to the more complex 750,000 square foot power center.  Consideration needs to be given for circulation, parking and highway access.  Also included in the planning is the challenge of delivery trucks, from small box vans to tractor trailers, and buses on the commuter route.

HCA has been the traffic engineer for hundreds of residential communities including single family home projects from a dozen to hundreds of homes, townhome projects, condo and apartment developments.  Our experience includes studies for Planned Unit developments (PUD’s), General development Plans(GDP’s), and mixed use developments. We have extensive experience with the NJ Residential Site Improvement Standards (RSIS) and residential parking needs.

Schools offer unique characteristics for the traffic engineer to consider.  These include the recognition that the peak time for schools is usually very short and only twice daily.  The problems encountered include bus stacking for the drop-off and picking up of students, while allowing parents the opportunity to do the same.  Parking lots must also be planned for circulation of buses and cars, while being accessible.

Horner & Canter Associates has studied numerous sites for the several pharmacy chains, such as Eckerd, CVS, Rite-Aid and Walgreen’s in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Traffic Impact Studies and/or parking studies have been produced for each location.  Several locations included the need for an NJDOT Highway Access Permit.  HCA surveyed several existing pharmacies for trip generation, drive-thru and parking demand data, providing a basis for analyzing a potential location and site plan assessment.

Horner & Canter Associates has been involved in the planning of many fast food projects through-out New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  These projects include detailed traffic counts, parking studies and probable on-site circulation recommendations.  Also included in many of these projects are Highway Access Permits.

HCA has been involved in the planning of many automotive projects through-out New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Our top priority is to minimize the impact of the development on the local roadways. Included in these projects are detailed traffic counts, parking studies and in many cases Highway Access Permits.